Girl Baby!

by karoline on September 8, 2014

gender revealOur 2.5 year old daughter is absolutely gaga over little girl babies.  Suffice it to say, she doesn’t carry quite the same affection for boy babies.  Prior to 12 weeks, we had not wanted to tell her I was pregnant for fear that we would have to explain it if something went wrong.  Hopefully, we are now in the relatively safe zone, and we’ll be ok having told her now.  We had shared with many folks, and already, our doctor and neighbor and various other folks had almost spilled the beans.  Now seemed to be the time.

After a short conversation, she was CONVINCED that the baby in mommy’s tummy was a girl.  We sent her over to the mystery box to reveal the answer, and this is what happened…

gender reveal

What do you think?  Is she excited??

gender reveal

When we came inside, she gave me a hug and said, “I yuv you, mommy.”  Then she put her arms around my already growing belly, gave me a kiss, and said, “I yuv mine girl baby.”  Of course, this mama started crying.  Who says 2.5 year olds don’t get it?

it's a girl cupcakes

I had leftover batter from Sylvie’s cupcakes.  I popped the last of them in the oven and whipped up a quick batch of PINK cream cheese frosting.  Every celebration deserves cupcakes.

it's a girl cupcakes

Future baker and cupcake connoisseur…

toddler eating cupcakes

Frosting lover.

big sister

She couldn’t be happier.  Now to get her to understand why her girl baby can’t come out yet…

Special thanks to Christy Delaney, who brought over the cutest package of big sister books and T-shirt at the very last minute!!


Window seat

by karoline on September 8, 2014

window seat for kidsA while back, when we were scrounging for items to sell at our garage sale, a friend found this piece on the curb.  I wish I had a “before” shot, but I don’t ;(  It was hideous.  It was a cheap, very abused coffee table.  It was faded, stained, and splintering, and somebody’s kid had painted all over it.  Nobody at the garage sale saw the potential.  So, we were stuck with it.  My mom came up with the brilliant idea to turn it into a window seat for o’s room.  I hired Ginger Kreitz of Twice as Nice to fix it up.  She cleaned, sanded and primed and then painted the whole thing white.  After that she found this perfect green polka-dot fabric and created as simple cushion.  The pink ruffle ribbon finished the edges and gave O a touch of her favorite.  She ADORES it and has already spent quite some time reading in her window seat.  Love it!  Thanks, Ginger!


Coming Soon…

by karoline on September 7, 2014

pregnancy announcement2 years trying to conceive, 1 miscarriage, 2 D&Cs, 2 hysteroscopies, 1 failed IUI, and 1 very successful round of IVF…

It seems as if we have finally arrived!  Continued prayers and positive thoughts for a healthy pregnancy and a safe delivery.


Silly Sylvie and the Chocolate Factory

by karoline on September 7, 2014

willy wonka cupcakes

O and I were invited to her friend, Sylvia’s, 2nd birthday.  When I heard the theme was Willy Wonka, I jumped at the chance to make some fanciful cupcakes.

candy shop cupcakes

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes were topped with pastel buttercream and either sixlets or giant gumballs.  They could definitely work for a Candyland party or a general candy store themed party.

willy wonka party decorations

I had a few extra sixlets, and I couldn’t resist buying these giant lollipops.  So, I threw them in a vase as an added eye-catcher for the sweets table.

candy store cupcakes

The cupcake wrappers were again from Etsy…this time from Pomeline Studio.  Since they weren’t customized, they were available via instant download — making them a nice choice since I sort of waited until the last minute to order them.

willy wonka birthday party

The adorable birthday girl and her mama

toddler eating cupcakes

And, as always, a pic of my little one sampling mama’s goodies…

toddler eating cupcakes

She really gets into her food!

custom willy wonka candy bars

Loved this party detail made by the birthday girl’s mom…favors for all the guests.  Happy birthday, Sylvie!  Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you!


Katie & Phil tie the knot

by karoline on August 18, 2014

katie and philThis past weekend, my second cousin, Katie, married her sweetheart, Phil.  Wasn’t she a stunning bride??  Wow!  (You gotta love Facebook…since I was setting up the desserts, I missed the ceremony.  I found these really awesome pix online, taken by one of the bride’s friends.)

Back up a little bit…more than a year ago, there were rumors about their pending nuptials.  With cake baking on the mind, I shot off a quick email asking her if she would like me to do the cake.  Who would turn down an offer for a free wedding cake?  Of course, she said yes.  And, here we are.

wedding cake

Katie was the easiest bride in the world to work with.  She took the “you know best” approach to things and gave me very few guidelines.  This seemed to work out well since I knew exactly what I could do and how things would work best.  And, I’m pretty sure she didn’t worry about much.  We chose a simple buttercream-iced cake just for the bride and groom to cut.  Katie’s florist provided a few flowers, and she picked out the adorable motorcycle topper.

motorcycle wedding cake topper

Too cute, right?

simple wedding cake

I think it’s best to keep things clean and simple when it comes to wedding cakes.

wedding cupcake tower

The guests at the Patrick Haley Mansion (a gorgeous venue) enjoyed a choice of chocolate or vanilla cupcakes.  I was able to order the gigantic, 200 cupcake-holding tower on and received a huge discount for my work with Icing Smiles.

wedding cupcake tower


wedding cupcakes

They were such a hit that every single cupcake was gone by 11 pm!

wedding cupcakes

Again, I chose to keep the decorations simple: white buttercream swirl, white/ pearl dragees, and a white fondant heart cutout.

While I have done small contributions to weddings before (here and here), this was the first one where I did the whole thing.  It turned out great, and I was so happy Katie let me play this role in her big day.  Wishing the newlyweds many happy years together.  Cheers!

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“I Do”

by karoline on August 11, 2014

chocolate coconut cupcakes

The hubby’s cousin is getting married later this year, and O is going to be the flower girl.  I am BEYOND ecstatic.  This is just one of the many reasons I LOVE having a daughter – wait till you see the princess dress we bought for the event.  WOW!  This past weekend was the wedding shower for the bride, Melissa.  O and I made the trip down to Edwardsville/ St. Louis area.  Melissa and Kevin were at our housewarming party last year, and she really enjoyed the chocolate coconut cupcakes I made for B’s birthday.  So, that’s what I made!

bridal shower cupcakes

I saw these cute cupcake toppers on Etsy, but they were very expensive, and I waited too long to think about ordering them so I was having a hard time finding someone who could get them to me without a rush charge.  Instead, I made my own.  Not quite as cute, but made from things I had around the house (read: FREE!) and matching the color of the bridesmaid dresses perfectly.

sprinkle cupcake

As I mentioned, I used a coconut cream cheese frosting for this batch, but I didn’t stir in the coconut — I pressed it into the frosting like a Snowball.  God, was it good!  O, however, was pretty turned off by the shaved coconut that I was pressing onto the other cupcakes.  She asked for a “pwain one” and added her own special touch.

cupcakes and toddlers

She was pretty pleased with her work.

wedding shower

Somehow, I forgot to take any other pix at the party.  I guess that’s what happens when there is a lot of family catching up to do.  This is the ONLY picture I took of the beautiful bride…OOPS!  Can’t wait for the real deal in November!  Congrats, Kevin & Melissa!


Gluten-free/ vegan smash cake

August 3, 2014

A friend of mine’s son is on a gluten, egg, and dairy free diet.  So, when it came time for his first birthday, she attempted to make his cake herself.  The baking of the cake was a big success, but she didn’t have so much luck working with the vegan buttercream.  Since O and I […]

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A very hungry caterpillar

July 29, 2014

The hubby’s cousin is having a baby – and we already know it’s a BOY – so when I got the adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar  invite, I jumped at the chance to make the cupcakes for the shower, too. For half of the cupcakes, I used printables from Pea Pink Paperie and Kids Party DIY.  I […]

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Working on O’s Room

July 20, 2014

I love reading my friend, Brandy’s site, and she is always posting about the fun furniture and decorating projects she does.  She inspired me to post a few of the pix of projects that I have worked on for O’s room.  Let’s be honest, I really enjoy making crafts WITH O, but there is something […]

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